All the icon work that I've created.

Nitrux, an icon theme for Linux.

Nitrux is a freely distributed beautifully designed and minimal icon theme supported on both GTK+ based and KDE desktop environments.

There are two set of icons provided, one for desktop environments that use the GTK+ toolkit, such as GNOME, Xfce, MATE, LXDE or Cinnamon, an another one for the Plasma desktop environment.

6.000 SVG icons for almost all of the open source graphical applications that are currently installed on your GNU/Linux systems.

iNX, iOS styled icons for your desktop

iNX is an icon set based on the look and feel of iOS. It’s inspired by elementary and Matrilineare and contains a beautiful set of square like and colorful icons tailored for those that want a good looking workspace.

From the menus to the applications, beauty is to be found everywhere. iNX Icon set is based on the Matrilineare and elementary icon themes.

Compass, minimal icon theme for Linux.

Compass is a freely distributed minimalistic squared set of thousands of SVG icons with support for GTK+ and KDE Plasma desktop environments.

Compass supports GNOME, Xfce, MATE, LXDE or Cinnamon and the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

It has SVG icons for almost all of the open source applications that are currently installed on your GNU/Linux systems.

Flattr, a versatile icon theme for Linux.

Flattr icons is a freely distributed flat icon theme for Linux desktop environments.

The icon theme supports both GTK+ environments like GNOME, Xfce, MATE, LXDE or Cinnamon and also KDE Plasma desktop environment.

Flattr icons has provided a foundation for others to make new themes from. It contains multiple icons for applications, system actions, devices and MIME types.

Dots, a complimentary set for Compass.

Dots is an add on for Compass and compatible with Nitrux that changes the default square application icons to round icons. It’s currently only available as part of icon bundles on devaintART.

The icon theme supports the same desktop environments as Compass or Nitrux.

ZERO, an awesome icon theme for Linux.

ZERO is an add on for Nitrux that changes the default square application icons to simnple rectangular and icons with thin line logos. It’s currently only available on devaintART.

The icon theme supports the same desktop environments Nitrux.

Breeze, icons for KDE Plasma 5.

Breeze is the new artwork for Plasma 5 and KDE Frameworks 5-based software. Breeze is the successor to the KDE 4 Oxygen artwork.

Breeze provides a lot of small monochrome icons representing common tasks and types of content for use in toolbars and menus.

Breeze features two styles of icons:

  • Monochrome for actions, buttons, sidebars and contextual menus; and
  • Colorful for folders, applications and mimetypes.


UI projects I've made.

Dashboard UI, concept UI for a desktop operating system.

Dashboard UI was a series of concept mockups I made in 2013. These concepts would depict an eventual interface that would’ve been developed for Nitrux OS, the Linux distribution by Nitrux S.A. This interface would’ve featured common elements found in other desktop environments in Linux. The main feature – the Dashboard – would’ve worked as a admin panel where the user would have access to information such as weather, applications, recent accessed documents and other Dashes.

These Dashes would have worked as specialized views where the user could access a feature or features of any compatible applications directly from the Dashboard without having to open the application itself. Things like calendar integration or messaging would be available from the Dashboard.

Xperience UI, concept interface for desktop Linux systems.

Xperience UI was a continuation of the initial mockups I made for Dashboard UI. These mockups included changes in the design process of applications as wel as defined actions that would be found in the desktop environment.

In particular the redesign of the Dashboard with the creation of a lighter version called the Mini Dash. The Mini Dash works as a menu, notification center, quick settings manager and regular start menu. The expansion of Dashboard Dashes to cover more functions and the addition of widgets in the Dashboard.

Applications received a UI guideline that would indicate more specifically what each element in the windows would go where and what would it be used for.

UI design for developer NiconSystem.

NiconSystem is a Colombia based software developer that produces Java desktop applications. NiconEnterperise is the main software developed by NiconSystem and it consists of a PIM application for businesses.

In July 2013 I got in touch with the developer to exchange ideas and efforts. The result of that was series of mockups to update the looks for the PIM solution and establish a look and feel for future applications.

NX Mobile, concept operating system for phones.

This is a design project I made back in September 2013. It consisted of designing a user interface for a mobile phone. The interface is similar in interaction to iOS. Application interfaces are inspired on early builds of Firefox OS and concepts of Android released by Google in 2013. This was my first try at a mobile interface.

The icons were made using the iOS grid and using only flat colors.

VLC Media Player Redesigned UI.

VLC media player is a popular free and open source multimedia player available for many operating systems and plays almost everything out there. VLC also has support for themes that can alter the appearance of the player.

While a skin would make VLC look almost like this I consider there are areas that need changes to make VLC more appealing.

Typer.IM Live – Android application design.

This is a mockup app for Typer.IM Live (app.typer.im) for Android. I had the intention of doing it in the current 4.4 style but with 5.0 so close (as a matter of fact released a couple of days prior to this upload) I went with the Material Design look. The app is as simple as the site and the idea of the service itself.

Plasma Mobile Concept, a redesign of Plasma Mobile.

Plasma Mobile aims to become a complete software system for mobile devices. It is designed to give privacy-aware users back the full-control over their information and communication.”

These are a series of mockups that I made in order to have an idea of how current Plasma applications that are built for the desktop would work on the mobile version of the desktop environment.

Plasma Music Player – Concept.

For a couple of years I wanted to make a music player as I found the ones currently available for KDE and Qt not up to par. They’re music players alright but in my opinion the way their interface is laid out is far from optimal for managing a library of music and the few ones that do have an interface for such a task look more complicated than they really are.


All the brands and re-brands that I've created.

Branding: Nitrux.

In 2013 I decided to create new branding for Nitrux. My previous attempts at creating a brand had only resulted in making the name noticeable but Nitrux lacked an identity. This logo is a result of positioning Nitrux as a high-end premium brand.

Branding: Typer.IM.

Typer.IM ® allows you to communicate with only the people you want to, no contact from anyone else but the people you want to chat with, bets of all you don’t need an account to use Typer®. I created the Typer.IM® branding in 2014.

Branding: nDIsk.

nDisk is a cloud storage service launched by Nitrux S.A. (now under Nitrux India) in September 2015. nDisk offers user an easy to use website where they can upload and keep any file they want and access it anywhere. I created the nDisk branding in 2014 but only used it until nDisk was publicly available.

Branding: NiconSystem.

In 2013 the main developer from NiconSystem approached me to create some UI concepts for new applications. After creating the concepts I mentioned the importance of a new brand and a true identity for NiconSystem.

Branding (Logotype): LiteTran.

LiteTran is simple text translate utility. In 2014 its developer contacted me to work in a new logo and icon. The final design makes use of FreeSerif and a symbol that can be used as the icon for the software.

Branding (Symbol): Plasma 5.

In May 2014 I posted to the forums an idea for a new Plasma 5 symbol. The symbol stayed and continue to be used as the Official logo of the desktop environment.


Hardware models that I've designed.

Nitrux NXP Concept.

The Nitrux NXP is a concept phone I made in 2014 as a possible new product from Nitrux following the release of the Nitrux NXQ in 2013. Production costs didn’t allowed the phone to be brought to reality.

Nitrux NXQ.

The Nitrux NXQ is a line of mini computes equipped with a Samsung Exynos processor that run Nitrux OS. I created the original design in early 2013 and it officially entered production in late 2014.

Plasma Phone Concept.

This is the concept phone model I made for my redesign of Plasma Mobile. I created this as I wanted to have an original device that would go with the aesthethic of the mobile operating system.

Early Work

A collection of my earliest work.

Works done between 2011 and 2012.

The works here were done before the launch of version 3.0 of the Nitrux icons in March 2013. This includes stuff like two unfinished set of font files, mockups for applications or old and unused icons, early attempts at mobile interfaces and old web designs for the Nitrux website. In this gallery there are projects that I’d like to work again one day.

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